Going Home: A Hunter Returns To His Roots

Going Home: A Hunter Returns To His Roots

Published by Mystery Ranch x Chris Nolan on 2022 Oct 10th

In the film, Chris Nolan from  MYSTERY RANCH takes the new TREEHOUSE 38 pack on a whitetail hunting trip to reconnect with the people and environment that inspired his interest in hunting 25 years ago. "Going Home" follows Chris on his journey back to Michigan to visit his family and rediscover his childhood origins, which sparked a lifelong passion for deer hunting in him.

"Hunting has always been a part of my family as far back as I can remember," Chris remarked. "Hunting these lands is one of my earliest memories." Shooting conventional bows in our garden with my brother and feeling happy after shooting our first deer."

"Going Home" is a movie that many hunters will find relevant. So many of us have memories and stories from our childhoods about hunting that have shaped our enthusiasm for the outdoors. This is a story about that journey.

As fall arrives and various hunting seasons commence, take the time to watch “Going Home,” and no matter what or who they are, remember the reasons and the people that got you involved in hunting. 


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