Welcome to the new

Welcome to the new

2019 Jan 29th

You may have noticed, we've completely re-done our website. Top to bottom. We're very excited to offer an upgraded experience on a new platform that will make your shopping experience with us even better. 

We're currently working out some kinks, so please bare with us while we get things squared away. If you'd like to point out any bugs or glitches, please connect with us on our Facebook page, or through our contact form

Some questions you might be wondering...

Q: Is my account still alive?

A: Yes. We have brought over all of our accounts from the old site. You will, however, need to reset your password. We can't transfer that information over. If when you try to reset your password you account is not found, please reach out and let us know. 

Q: Will my order history be there for me?

A: No. We're starting clean. That said, our customer service team will have access to your previous orders. So if you need any information, or if you need to submit a return for an order you placed on the old website, please go through our contact page.

Q: Where can I sign into my SHIELD account?

A: SHIELD accounts can now be accessed through our general account sign-in page

Q: What's so good about a new site?

A: With our new site we're able to have much better core functionality (site speed, mobile website, search functionality), as well create a much better shopping experience. We're excited to bring you our 2019 e-commerce program that will be bigger and better than before. 

Our thanks for your loyalty and patience.

- The Rampart Team

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