TTRIGGER Magazine for Glock Pistols

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TTRIGGER Magazine for Glock Pistols

The TTrigger Dry Fire Magazine is a dry fire training magazine that allows you to use your own gun to simulate audible and tactical trigger work. The TTrigger allows you to practice your technique without having to remove your support hand to cycle the slide of your pistol. Install your training magazine in seconds and practice anywhere to achieve the exact level of professionalism you would like to reach in real-life situations. 

Included with the TTrigger are two springs: one is installed and an additional spring for trigger weight adjustment.


  • No more racking the slide to reset the trigger
  • Practice double taps
  • Builds proper muscle memory
  • Provides audible & tactical trigger simulation
  • Does not use pistol’s firing pin
  • Pays for itself in ammo savings
  • Practice safely anywhere at your convenience

Compatible With:

  • 9MM: G17, G19, G19X, G26, G34, G45, G47
  • .40 CAL: G22, G23, G27, G35
  • .45 GAP: G37, G38 , G39
  • .22 CAL: G44
  • .357: G31, G32, G33


  1. Confirm your weapon is clear of ammo.
  2. Rack your slide to set the Glock’s firing pin.
  3. Insert the TTrigger as you would a regular clip. (Expect a tiny bit of resistance, which you can overcome with a firm bump from the palm of your hand).
  4. Pull the trigger to release the firing pin.

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